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Fighting Coronavirus, Han Yi Stands with You!
At the end of 2019, a new coronavirus struck Wuhan, China and soon spread throughout the country. As the country battles to control the virus, the Han Yi community deeply shares the countrywide concerns for people affected by the virus and the frontline healthcare providers. The whole firm actively participated in various relief efforts and endeavors to defeat the virus. Han Yi has echoed the government¡¯s call to adopt online offices to continue serve our clients after the Chinese new year holiday break. Meanwhile, we, despite our boutique size, have collectively donated RMB100,000 in cash to Wuhan through Hubei Charity Federation to purchase urgently needed medical supplies, and further pledged to provide pro bono legal services worth a total value of RMB900,000 to clients working in vaccine R&D and those in such hard-hit sectors as tourism and other service industries.
In this special war without smoke, everyone has his duty and everyone should be a warrior. Han Yi is committed to firmly standing side by side with Wuhan and China amid the hardship. Together, we can, and will win the fight!