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A Stream of Sunshine Lighting Up the Chilly Winter -- Han Yi Lawyers Make Donations to Handicapped Community at Year-End
As year 2009 approaches its end, most part of the South China is starting to experience a cold winter again. The growing number of handicapped population caused by various unfortunate factors during the country's fast development process has drawn Han Yi lawyers' special attention this year. As a result, Han Yi lawyers decided to donate several dozens of high quality silk quilts to the handicapped community through the Handicapped Association of Shanghai Changning District (HACD). The donation, with a total value of more than RMB30,000, was coincidentally made on the "International Day of the Handicapped" and was warmly received by the HACD officers as a happy surprise to the handicapped.
Han Yi lawyers have always been actively involved in pubic charity works and spared no effort in providing assistance and support to people in need. During the unprecedented snow storm that hit the South China and the disastrous earthquake that rocked Wenchuan of Sichuan province last year, Han Yi members all participated in several rounds of donations to the victims. In our everyday life, Han Yi lawyers have also provided various pro bono services to the underprivileged. Just as indicated by the firm's name "Han Yi", we deem ourselves as a tiny drop of water in the ocean, small but always striving to live up to its value.