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Helping Students from Underprivileged Families in Western China -- Han Yi Extends Its Education Sponsoring Program to Poverty-Stricken Area in Western China
After funding several students from financially difficult families in Shanghai area through Shanghai Charity Foundation early last year, Han Yi lawyers have recently signed up with another 10 school children from parentless/poor families in Zhong County through Chongqing Zhong County Charity Foundation and fulfilled their promise to expand their education sponsoring program to the western area of China. It is noteworthy that this years donation is also supported by some family members of Han Yi lawyers.
Han Yi has so far committed to fund about 20 school children in need. In addition to the long-term and consistent financial assistance, Han Yi lawyers also correspond with these children to encourage them to overcome difficulties and send them books to enrich their extracurricular life.
Han Yi has always been committed to its social responsibility and tried to provide more assistance to the disadvantaged people when providing high-quality legal services to its clients. Han Yi lawyers hope that their assistance could help the children from needy families to live a better life and achieve greater success, so as to make their contributions to the development of the social charitable works and the construction of a harmonious society.