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General Corporate
We serve as outside counsel on all types of general corporate matters for a variety of major multinational companies as well as leading domestic Chinese companies in such diverse industries as consumer credit, biotech, chemicals and petrochemicals, construction and real estate, manufacturing and sales of automobiles and automotive parts, consulting services, commercial retails and chains, banking, insurance, trust, automotive finance, fund management and other non-banking financial businesses, hotel management, domestic and international trade, investment management, electronic information, media and telecommunications, manufacturing and sales of food and pharmaceuticals, and public utilities.
In the general corporate area, we provide comprehensive PRC legal services to all types of corporate clients on issues arising out of their daily operations, including, among others:
1.   to assist our clients to draft, review and negotiate various business contracts involved in their daily operations (e.g., lease agreements, purchase agreements, form purchase orders, management agreements, OEM agreements, contracting agreements, technology service and licensing agreements, trademark licensing agreements, sales agency agreements and distribution agreements);
2.   to assist our clients to draft, review and negotiate various financing documents (e.g., loan agreements, guarantee and counter-guarantee agreements, equity pledge agreements, land and housing mortgage agreements, machinery and equipment mortgage agreements, and inventory or floating mortgage agreements);
3.   to serve as corporate secretary and assist our clients to convene and organize regular and interim shareholders meetings and board meetings, and to assist our clients to draft and execute shareholders resolutions, board resolutions as well as other constitutional documents;
4.   to provide legal services on regulatory and compliance matters, including, without limitation, to assist our clients to formulate and implement various internal company rules and policies (e.g., internal codes of business conduct, anti-bribery codes, employee handbooks, and reimbursement systems), to advise on anti-corruption issues involved in daily operations and based on special industrial regulatory requirements (e.g., healthcare and financial sectors), and to assist our clients to conduct internal investigations on employees¡¯ non-compliance activities, to deal with government investigations and to facilitate communications with relevant government authorities;
5.   to assist our clients to handle various competition law matters involved in transactions and operations, including, without limitation, to provide legal opinions on merger control filings and other anti-trust issues involved in M&A transactions and other forms of business combinations, to advise on competition law issues related to daily business (e.g., monopoly agreements, pricing, distribution arrangements, tie-in sales, etc.), and to assist clients to deal with anti-trust and competition law related investigations and proceedings;
6.   to assist our clients to handle various labor law matters, including, without limitation, to assist with structuring cross-border employment arrangements, to advise on labor and employment matters involved in daily operations, to formulate internal human resource management rules, to draft and review form labor contracts and non-compete and confidentiality agreements, to handle and solve various labor and employment disputes, to convene employees general meetings on behalf of companies, to negotiate labor remuneration, liquidation compensation, severance pay and other labor related matters with employees and labor unions on behalf of companies, and to assist clients to handle labor conflicts and public relations crisis;
7.   to provide professional legal analysis and advice on various other compliance matters arising out of our clients¡¯ daily operations (e.g., land use right issues, capital contribution methods and schedules, taxation, Customs procedures, IP registrations and protections, and foreign exchange concerns), and to assist our clients to communicate and coordinate with relevant PRC government authorities on those matters; and
8.   to assist our clients to cope with unexpected events from legal perspective, and to assist our clients to draft various statements and announcements for media communication or publication.