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Dispute Resolution
Our lawyers have represented foreign parties and foreign invested entities in numerous China-related arbitrations, including arbitrations before the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, and in litigation in the Chinese courts. We have also assisted both Chinese and foreign clients in several complex disputes that involved simultaneous, inter-related litigation or arbitration in different jurisdictions. We have participated and represented our clients in a wide variety of disputes and cases, including, among others, labor and employment disputes, equity investment disputes, various commercial and civil contracts disputes, financing, loan and mortgage disputes, property rights disputes, defamation disputes and IP infringement disputes.
Our lawyers have substantial experience in participating in and handling commercial and civil arbitration and litigation cases at different stages of judicial proceedings, including, among others:
1.    to provide feasibility analysis on the initiation of arbitration, litigation or other legal actions, and to assist our clients to formulate legal action plans;
2.    to assist and represent our clients to conduct consultations and negotiations with the opposing party to a dispute/case or other related parties prior to the initiation of arbitration or litigation;
3.    to represent our client to initiate arbitration or litigation, and to assist our clients to apply to the relevant PRC peoples courts for property preservation before or during the arbitration or litigation proceedings, or for other compulsory measures;
4.    to assist and represent our clients to settle with the opposing party, and to draft and negotiate settlement agreements;
5.    to represent our clients to appeal against judgments of trial of first instance, or initiate the judicial supervision procedure against effective judgments;
6.    to represent our clients in the enforcement procedure; and
7.    to assist our clients to raise objection or apply for enforcement correction with respect to properties that have been seized, frozen or enforced by the court.